What is access control and how does it relate to the concept of mobility?

January 24, 2023

January 24, 2023

January 24, 2023

Verifying the identity of your employees is becoming increasingly important. Not only for safety but also to optimize your processes and enhance the work of your collaborators, even when they work remotely. To do this, you need to know what access control is and how it relates to the notion of working in isolated areas.

What is access control? It is a way to identify personnel who can access a facility or an online work platform. It is the verification of the members of a company in a physical space and their authentication in a system restricted to them. 

It is not enough to know what access control is, but different electronic mechanisms guarantee this function. Indeed, in the market, you can find other software programs that allow you to register by typing a password, placing your fingerprint or simply swiping a card through a reader to enter your workplace. 

But what if this place was an open space that makes it difficult not only for the employees themselves but also for the visitors to control? What to do in case the operations area is a zone without connectivity? That is where the concept of mobility takes hold.

How to bring traditional access control systems to remote locations?

Now that you know what access control is and the existing electronic systems for it, you may wonder: do I then depend on a reader installed on a wall or a turnstile to control the entry of my staff? How do I do it in places with constant traffic or where I can irretrievably not fix that reader? 

A famous phrase reads: "If the mountain does not go to Muhammad, Muhammad goes to the mountain." What if instead of people having to go to the reader to mark their record, he goes to them? 

For ten years, Alutel Mobility has responded to this concern present in multiple companies, especially those with remote locations or in aggressive industrial environments, such as mines. In these spaces, in turn, there is a greater propensity to work accidents. 

One of the emblematic cases occurred in the San José mine in Chile, where the world set its eyes in 2010 to witness the miraculous rescue of the 33 miners of this country. However, estimates indicated that 1200 people die a year in accidents at the mine, not to mention those frequent ones that do not present such fatalities.    

When an accident occurs, such as an explosion or landslide that requires immediate evacuation, it is necessary to have detailed information about each employee. When it costs staff to swipe their card through a fixed reader, a mobile access control solution takes on greater value.

Security at all levels

A mobile access control solution can bring peace of mind during the chaos of this type of eventualities. Indeed, after arriving at the designated meeting point, the evacuated personnel register on a mobile tablet that instantly delivers valuable information about who they were in, in what position, during what shift, as well as the last known location of the missing persons.

But, not only that. A good part of these personnel can be contractors of the company that previously, thanks to this solution, manage to self-manage their documentation in a platform that, through their credentials, validates their entry into the area of operation. This allows corroborating that each employee has their papers in order, shielding the company against legal processes. 

These different components(mustering, document management and visits) are brought together in a single web platform that complements traditional access control systems that fail to have that flexibility. That is the value of the development of Alutel Mobility.     

A scalable system adapted to the new times

Version 6.0 of the company's software results from the development of a scalable technological solution over time, which adds efficiency in these times when companies must be increasingly flexible and adapt to the circumstances of space and operation for their future projection.

The Covid-19 pandemic left several lessons in this regard. As part of their process of economic reactivation, companies have adopted a series of protocols to guarantee the respective social distancing and avoid crowds of people. 

To that extent, the lines sometimes produced when employees have to register at the entrance of the respective work plant are inconvenient. 

What if those authorized workers who are part of large factories and have a mass transport, conditioned by the same organization, descended from it already registered to access the respective facility without stopping on their way? And what if they had seat assignments to guarantee that same distancing? The Alutel Mobility solution allows this.

In these times, it is not enough to know what access control is. You also need to know how to streamline this function with capabilities such as allocating lunches for the workers, managing visits through a QR code, and assigning customizable fields and processes in the platform.

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