The 5 contributions of Alutel Mobility to operational efficiency in health institutions

February 7, 2023

February 7, 2023

February 7, 2023

Institutions providing health services are called every day to incorporate technological solutions that guarantee a better experience for their patients, users, health personnel and contractors, this with the aim of achieving greater efficiency and optimal management of their functions.

Even, in many cases, it is the technological acquisitions of health centers that add up when it comes to being qualified by the rankings that measure their quality. 

For example, to compile the annual ranking of america's best hospitals, the US News & World Report publication  compared a total of 4,750 medical centers, of which 20 were ultimately chosen on the 2021-22 top hospitals honor roll.

It can be pointed out that health institutions must always be at the forefront to provide a better experience, articulated with technological systems that allow achieving this type of quality objectives. 

In this way, we invite you to know five technologies that the Alutel Mobility Suite presents to make these essential places with better levels of quality in the provision of their services. In addition to offering a friendlier and more comfortable experience for everyone involved and ensuring high levels of security. 

1) Manage access control and maintain the highest standards of asepsis

In general, hospitals have vast and large areas in which it is necessary to have an efficient access control system, especially when there is no infrastructure for that purpose in these areas and there is a risk of unauthorized persons entering them. 

Alutel Mobile is a solution that allows you to implement an access control system through mobile readers, authenticating staff in a simple way while allowing them to access the sites where they have authorization. 

It is also common to find in hospitals locations that must be kept restricted ranging from laboratories and drug warehouses, to highly complex spaces such as operating rooms and it is in them where this solution also acquires relevance. 

Through RAGTAB, a hardware developed to incorporate greater security and comfort to access control, identifications can be read via RFID, whether they are physical credentials or, also, if they are hosted on mobile phones.  In addition, it allows to validate the access by means of an identification number (QR code) or facial recognition, the latter, technology that the company incorporated recently.  

This solution also contributes to an easy and comfortable mobility of health personnel, who often have their hands occupied or, if necessary, sterilized for some procedure and cannot use them to show an access credential. 

2 ) More comfortable visits for patients' relatives

The EassyAccess application  allows users to manage their visit, carrying out a previous registration process by entering the information required to generate an online authorization (credential in QR code). 

After registering the data on the platform, the user sends the visit request which is available to the entity to accept, reject or modify it. 

Then, the hospital staff can activate the option to send the credential via email and thus the user carries out his visit, making the most of the time with his loved one and avoiding crowds at reception points, an important aspect in time of COVID-19.

3) Efficient verification in contractor documentation

Complementary activities to medical centers can use the Aludoc component  for document management, both of the people and the vehicles that enter the hospital. 

In this way, contractors such as cleaning companies or medical visitors, as well as the dispatch of medicines, among others, can optimize their work through this application. 

Aludoc allows you to manage the documents that a person requires to execute their work. In this way, managers can check in a more agile way that said documentation is not falsified or is outside the established times. 

Thus, whoever is interested in visiting the medical center to carry out their activity, sends in advance the documentation through the platform, streamlining all the processes. 

4) Top-notch cafeterias for employees 

TIKAS is a cafeteria management module with which employees can claim meal tickets with the same access control cards they use to enter the workplace.

The use of this solution allows the administration of the medical center to keep a record of the collaborators who used the food service with updated information 24 hours a day.

TIKAS avoids additional expenses in terms of feeding employees, optimizing processes and also seeking operational efficiency. 

5) In the face of a possible emergency, safety first!

A possible emergency situation is not alien in the midst of the daily life of any workplace and hospitals are no exception. Therefore, protocols must be in place that minimize risks and keep people away from danger. 

The application of the Alutel Mobility Suite called Mustering seeks the above, with features such as the counting of people who are on the site differentiating whether they are safe or in danger and thus reduce possible risks. 

In that sense, the solution operates as part of the access control system, but with outdoor mobility. Thus, the counting of people is carried out at the safe evacuation point, where each employee validates their identity using the same access credential, maintaining the policies of the central system. 

Mustering uses indoor and outdoor positioning systems to provide real-time location information and solve the problems of running repeated manual checks and personnel listings. 

In addition, it helps ensure the safety of all personnel at a physical site during an emergency, automatically recording the presence of each staff member as they arrive in safe areas. 

In this way, the Alutel Mobile Suite contributes to medical centers being at the forefront of technology. In the midst of a highly competitive sector, the demand is focused on the existence of solutions that provide an efficient service to all users, and improve the labor standards of all staff. 

If you want to know more about Alutel Mobility solutions, do not hesitate to consult this link.

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