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February 21, 2023

February 21, 2023

February 21, 2023

Renewable energies are clean, inexhaustible and increasingly competitive sources. According to the forecasts of the International Energy Agency (IEA), the share of renewable energies in the global electricity supply will go from 26% in 2018 to 44% in 2040, and will provide two thirds of the increase in electricity demand registered during that period. 

In that sense, the United States allocated $3.5 billion dollars within the so-called Clean Electricity Payment Program. With this budget, the sector is expected to generate 80% of its electricity from sources such as wind, solar or nuclear plants by 2030, reducing annual greenhouse gas emissions by more than one billion tons. 

The initiative comes hand in hand with the so-called Paris Agreement, through which 200 nations committed to reduce the average temperature of the planet by the end of the century below two degrees. 

This is how renewable energy plants will increase their participation in the coming years and, of course, will grow in the number of installations.

For all the above, Alutel Mobility Suite (AMS) presents a series of technological solutions that intervene within the operational challenges of this type of plants, which are usually located in large open and distant areas, while employing hundreds of collaborators. Thus understanding access control as one of the main challenges. 

How to implement access control within plants in the energy sector in open areas?

It is no less challenging to have an access management system in this type of plants that are usually located in remote areas, without any infrastructure around them, where it is also difficult to have connectivity with servers for a correct registration of their employees. 

In general, employees arrive in groups at the facilities on board the buses provided by the companies. At that time, staff authentication should be an agile and secure process. 

The Alutel Mobile application  has the ability to remotely manage access control, without the need to have physical infrastructure for this purpose, in addition to having sufficiency to operate off-line, in case of loss of connection. 

This application runs on a  RAGTAB tablet of the solution, weighed and designed to operate in this type of environments and environments and it is worth noting its IP67 grade that protects it from water and dust in the open sky. 

Also, for greater protection of the equipment, it has a reinforced glass type Gorilla Glass which favors its use in aggressive environments and open environments. 

In addition, it has the integration of an RFID OEM module of the HID Global  brand capable of reading most contactless credential technologies, as well as credentials hosted on mobile phones. 

These features are very useful when it comes to authenticating staff in open areas or inside buses, as mentioned above. 

In addition, it also allows to validate access through an identification number, QR code or facial recognition, technology that Alutel Mobility recently incorporated.

There are other relevant operational aspects within the companies of the energy sector on which Alutel Mobility Suite is presented as an unbeatable alternative to optimize each and every one of them, which we will describe below. 

Document management, key to facilitating administrative processes 

Handling the documentation needed for outside workers, contractors, or electrical industry maintenance personnel to carry out their duties can be cumbersome.

To facilitate this process, Aludoc facilitate the administrative processes of the people who enter the physical facilities to execute some work.

Through this solution, interested parties can, attach driver licenses, license plates and vehicle documentation, among other certificates, so that the company can guarantee all the legal aspects of the entry of external personnel. 

Protocols for action in cases of emergency

Despite having pre-established safety protocols and training employees to know how to act in case of emergency, a system that supports and facilitates these procedures is essential when it comes to safeguarding lives. 

The Mustering app  has several features that contribute to the above; one of the most important is that it uses indoor and outdoor positioning systems to provide real-time location information and solve the problems of having to re-perform repeated manual checks and personnel listings. 

In this way, it helps to ensure the safety of each employee during an emergency, knowing where they are at all times and in this way decreases threats as the person arrives at the safe areas.

Benefits of cafeteria management in the company

Managing the supply of hundreds of employees and at the same time striving for operational efficiency and the elimination of cost overruns is not an easy task.

With the TIKAS  module the above will no longer be a problem, since there is no simpler and more useful way for staff than to claim food tickets with the same access control cards, they use to enter the workplace.

At the same time, it is important to guarantee compliance with food obligations with employees, providing adequate hydration, food and certifying it to avoid misunderstandings, an important benefit to consider when we talk about power plants located in remote areas. 

By using the module and the RAGTAB, you can keep a record of the employees who used the food service with 24-hour updated information.

How to attend the visits to the company in a fast and efficient way?

Visits to the interior of a company in the energy sector are varied: corporate and managerial peers, as well as engineers come and go constantly, so it is necessary to direct appointments as easily and quickly as possible.

For this, EasyAcces is available, a solution that allows to schedule and register visitors, as well as the vehicles that enters the facilities. 

In this way, the interested party can carry out a pre-registration with all their information to create an online authorization, which will be reflected by means of a credential in QR code, either physical or digital.

As a result, with each challenge and solution derived from the use of the Alutel Mobility Suite, the industries of the sector such as renewable energy plants, among others, are called to perfect their processes, always aiming to simplify their operations and thus guarantee their efficiency and good working environment.   

If you want to know more details about the Alutel Mobility Suite  click on this link.

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