Alutel Mobility and HID, an alliance that promotes access control

March 28, 2023

March 28, 2023

March 28, 2023

For logistical and security reasons, companies should always try to stay up to date in terms of technology. When we talk about access control, for example, it is extremely risky for a company to have a record of attendance of its employees and visitors on spreadsheets or paper documents. Likewise, the use of physical keys to enter restricted spaces is a process that is becoming obsolete in today's world. 

In addition, not all companies are buildings with all their corresponding infrastructure. Sometimes, companies operate in plants or in mines located in remote areas, making the issue of access control a challenge for the personnel in charge.

It is in this context that mobile access control solutions gain prominence. These allow, through the use of mobile devices, secure, remote and real-time authentication of users. 

That said, it is important to highlight that Alutel Mobility and HID, established a strategic alliance to offer the best of their mobile access experience to the market service. 

Alutel Mobile is powered by HID technology

Alutel Mobile is a solution developed by Alutel Mobility that allows you to control access and verify the identity of employees in remote areas. "This application works, in other devices, on a tablet called RAGTAB, which can verify access remotely and mobile by reading a credential (physical or virtual) via RFID or QR code," explains Ignacio Gómez, CTO of Alutel Mobility. 

In the words of Gustavo Gassmann, commercial director of HIDl's Physical Access Control (PACS) area for Latin America, "this union has endured over the years and has consolidated HID as one of the base technology providers for Alutel, allowing it to guarantee secure mobile authentications for its users." 

For Gassmann, Alutel is one of the most important technology partners in the region: "We value this type of relationship very much because they are not simply transactional, but they are much deeper, since they make use of HID's technological core, which is based on secure mobile transactions." 

Within this alliance, two areas are contemplated. The first of these is the hardware, which has to do with the chipset  that has the logical part and the encryption of HID, which allows the Alutel device (RAGTAB) to access the data that is encoded in the credentials of the provider, which are microprocessed and can be physical or digital.

The second area of this union is the access that Alutel devices have to the HID Origo portal™, which is hosted in the cloud and allows the generation of virtual credentials. 

At this point it is important to note that, since the integration with the Origo cloud is automatic, any end user who acquires Alutel equipment will not have to pay additionally to HID, since this quality is already incorporated. "The customer experience is much more effective because it implies that from the tablet itself you will have the power to assign digital keys for anyone, even if it is located on the other side of the world," says Gassmann.

One of the main values of this alliance is to ensure that transactions are completely secure, encrypted and with full traceability of everything that happens. In addition to this, authorized persons may enter a certain space, even if the office that grants the permits is ten meters or 2000 kilometers away. 

But these are not the only benefits of the union between these two firms. Thanks to the benefits described above, users obtain maximum convenience and significant savings. An example of this are the costs related to physical cards when it comes to a company with a significant number of employees: the time and money saved by managing or revoking those credentials is quite significant. 

Mobility at both ends 

Imagine that a business bus carrying operators has to stop for miles before arriving at the plant to authenticate the personnel entering the property. Normally, workers would have to get out of the vehicle, pass their credential through a turnstile or fixed reader to get back on the bus and resume their way to the plant, already recognized by the system. 

Now, what if it's a rainy day? There are areas in which a situation of these represents loss of time, delays and a series of negative effects for your daily operation.

Thanks to Alutel Mobile it is not necessary for users to approach the reader to validate their credential, but it will be this one that reaches where people need it. 

Now, in addition to having a mobile reader, imagine that the credential can also be a mobile device. 

According to Ignacio Gómez, the Alutel Mobile solution, (with RAGTAB), allows the reading of cards of multiple technologies, in addition to the mobile credentials installed on cell phones. This technology is quite convenient, because mobile devices have become a kind of 'extension' of each person; currently it is unlikely that someone will leave your home without your cell phone, since from there you access all the personal and work information you require. 

Having an access control system hand in hand with mobile credentials offers the possibility of using communication in the near field, whose spectrum of action is not limited to inches. In addition, it brings great convenience and ease of use to users.

Alutel Mobility's solutions, together with HID’s technology, are highly convenient for end users, as they allow them to be safe, cost-efficient, and also give them the possibility of being instantaneous. This means that they can send mobile credentials to all employees with just one click, and in the same way they can automatically revoke the permissions that are necessary. Immediacy is a great advantage and priceless.

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